STP Update

Good Morning,


Energy Scorecard

  • June – Up 2,117 aMW
  • July – Down 48 aMW
  • August – Down 30 aMW
  • September – Down 407 aMW
  • October – Down 1,109 aMW

June got a massive increase, 2,118 aMW, stacked on top of the 1,300 aMW from last week, of course with just a handful of days remaining in the month, the overall all impact is dampened.  July and August are mostly unchanged with less than a 50 aMW difference from last week for both months, while September and October dropped 407 and 1,109 aMW respectively.


June’s increases start off with today’s jump of nearly 1,200 aMW and grow to as much as 2,600 aMW by the 29th.  That trend reverses course by the 4th of July where this week’s forecast falls 2,000 aMW short for five days before finishing out the month par against last week.  August stays mostly unchanged while September and October show reductions early and hold that balance through the end of each month.

Year on Year

With today’s update, June moved above last year and 2009, ultimately placing the month well above average.