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As the leading provider for all things WECC, Ansergy can fulfill any of your needs.  Our coverage ranges from real-time and term markets, daily commentary, to execution support services.

Ansergy is focused exclusively on the WECC and is backed with decades of term trading and analytical experience. Whether you trade or hedge in real-time or term, or are an analyst or an executive, Ansergy’s solution will meet all your firm’s wholesale energy needs at an affordable rate.

Backward & Forward-Looking  Forecasts & Data

Ansergy is the only service that looks both backward and forward. Historical data is the key to understanding the future and Ansergy has datasets that span up to 50+ years. 

Forecasts are what makes our firm stand alone. Our five-year forecasts are recomputed daily using the refreshed variables such as fuel prices, plant outages, changes in weather, and transmission derates. These forecasts can be accessed through the Ansergy website, FTP, or via API in order to integrate our forecasts into your proprietary worksheets.

Ansergy's WECC forecasts cover fourteen price points and include full forecasts, from hourly to any time horizon of your choice.

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Timely Commentary from Experienced Traders

Processing data is often the most time-consuming function of every trader. The challenge isn’t finding the data, it’s separating the wheat from the chaff, finding the needle in the field of haystacks.

Let Ansergy do the work for you with its Daily Commentary that arrives pre-market and is full of the news you need.

Our analysts publish a recap of important WECC fundamentals and Market Opportunities every day. Beyond fundamentals, Ansergy is the only service that regularly makes market calls in the term markets.  

Ansergy commentary can be viewed live on our customer website or read direct from your email browser.

Ansergy Commentary can be purchased separate from the online product, please contact us for pricing. Complimentary trials of both services are always available, drop us a note to schedule your free trial.

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Customized Solutions for your team

Because one size fits no one, Ansergy can customize the look and feel of our data and forecasts, making for a seamless transition for your firm. Dashboards are created to your exact specifications.

You want an email recap of the market each morning? Not a problem, we can create a customized Email Report that will be delivered to you and your team each morning, pre-market.  Select from our hundreds of pre-compiled emailed reports or Dashboards, or we'll build your own.

Ansergy also offers Playlists, a compilation of multiple reports that can be displayed on your community trading room monitor. Watch the markets and fundies cycle through every N seconds and never miss a big move again.

From live data updated hourly to five-year forecasts updated daily, Ansergy’s solution is timely, accurate, and complete.

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