STP Update

Good Morning,


Energy Scorecard

  • May – Up 382 aMW
  • June – Down 500 aMW
  • July – Down 1,160 aMW
  • August – Down 830 aMW

An already impressive May gained another 382 aMW this week, while June and July shed their forecasts as 500 aMW and 1,160 aMW were cut this week, respectively.  August saw its own massive cut as well with 830 wiped from the records, marking the third-consecutive weekly cut in the process.


A quick glance at this chart will tell you most of what you need to know.  The reduction to the summer months begins on June 16th and hits its pinnacle on July 3rd with 3,300 aMW cut, though the large reductions extend well into August.  Nothing in particular stood out in May as its gains were interspersed with small cuts.

Year on Year

May sits 700 aMW ahead of 2017 with this week’s additions, though 2011 sits closely behind (199 aMW, to be exact).  June comparatively shows up as a huge month, but no where near the levels we saw a few weeks ago.  July and August now look average.