Ansergy’s New Forecast Platform

Good Afternoon,

Ansergy is in the process of introducing a new way to view our forecast.  Through customer feedback we’ve learned that our current platform can be cumbersome to navigate, so we’ve taken the time to develop an entirely new interface to view the data, all while still maintaining a familiar layout.  We anticipate a smooth transition, but as always, if you would like a training session to familiarize yourself, let us know and we’ll schedule a meeting.
The new forecast platform can be found under​ the Forecast menu as “Ansergy Power Forecasts – Beta”.  The old forecasts are listed in four separate pages below the new link.


The previous system required users to select a time segment (ie Daily, Monthly, etc), then select how the report was to be tabulated (by hub, item, etc).  Each selection brought you to a new page.
The new interface allows you to make these selections on the fly, all while remaining on the same Ansergy page and rendering in mere seconds.  Change your data aggregation by simply clicking Daily/Monthly.  The table will refresh, but you’ll stay on the same page.


The most convenient change might be the ability to immediately chart the data being displayed in the table (the inverse is also true, you can easily see the data from a chart).  Just click the Chart/Table buttons at the top-right corner of the window.
From there, you can narrow what you’d like to see.  Click Power Price, for example, if you only want Power Price to be charted.  You are also given the ability to choose between Line, Area, Bar, and Stacked Bar chart types.  Simply click the colored legends to turn off/on Items/Hubs etc.


Choose from over a year’s worth of forecasted rundates by selecting the Rundate pull-down.  Also, bookmarks work the same way they always have.  When you have a view you want to bookmark, click the yellow star on the right-side of the menu and it will be saved.

API Links

Start an Ansergy forecast API by selecting your desired view and click the API Link.  You’ll be given a URL specific to the data you selected.  You can also download a static csv using the Download Data button.
Please let us know if you have any questions/feedback or if you would find a training session useful.