Ansergy – Public Chat Content

Good Morning,

Ansergy updates its intraday analysis on the public chat forum embedded on its site. This is just a reminder to log and check it once a day. I post 2-3 times each day, others also add content as warranted. That Public Chat content will not be disseminated anywhere else.

Chat Instructions

Once you log onto the Ansergy website you will see the following screen:


In the lower right corner is a chat icon which lists the # of new posts since you last logged – in this example, there were two new posts. Click the icon.



The expanded chat icon shows a “Public Room” and lists the Ansergy analysts currently online. You can private message us with a question or comment or you can open the Public Chatroom where we are posting our intra-day updates.



I recommend opening the public chatroom in its own tab, click that icon to do just that.



Voila, you are there. Keep this open intra-day as we post throughout the day. Our latest posts reference critical maintenance work on Westcoast, check it out – Westcoast Maintenance Schedule