Thursday Update

Good Afternoon,

A few things to highlight as we move into the end of the week.


EIM Daily


Prices are generally below yesterday, especially as we head into the late-morning hours.


LMP held steady for most of yesterday aside from a very sharp peak at 4:00 PM where it reached 491.


Nat Gas Summary


Gas is down across the board, and is highlighted by the 12-cent drop in SoCal Border Avg.

LMP DA Hourly


Congestion has decreased a bit from the high on Tuesday.  Seeing some interesting PV prices early-afternoon for the 29th.


Mid-C Loads


Loads look to be surpassing last Thursday’s levels in Mid-C, and continue to generally be lower than last year.

PV Loads


Year-over-year loads continue to be over 30% lower in 2016 during peak hours.  Day to day changes are much more volatile this year as well.

SP15 Loads


Loads have slowly increased as we head into the end of the week, moving from 2/3 the loads of last year to actual increases year-over-year.  If today continues the trend, expect loads to be up significatnly week-over-week.

NP15 Loads


Similar story in NP, but with even more dramatic year-over-year results.  We could see 25% higher loads today compared to last Thursday, as well.

Portland Temps


Today marks the beginning of lower than normal high temperatures for Portland.  The forecast suggests the cooling might end a day or two earlier than previously thought.

Burbank Temps


The next few days are going to bring some large swings in high temps as Burbank moves from eight degrees above normal to six degrees below normal.

San Jose Temps


No revisions in the cooling period that we’ve been forecasting for the past couple days.  Expect to be slightly above normal heading into next week.

Phoenix Temps


Phoenix also gets to experience cooler than normal temps, though a few days later than the west coast.  Temps will be close to 10 degrees below normal beginning on Monday.

RFC 10 Day


Not much change day-over-day, though the forecast remains generally above STP’s Monday numbers — especially on Sunday.

Major Unit Outages


SP15 had nearly 100 MW of gas come offline.  No units were shown to have comeback online today.

Mid-C Renewables


We’re expecting close to 4000 MW of wind today before a massive few days this weekend — a couple of which should reach 6000 MW.

Transmission – AC


There was a drop in TTC mid-day yesterday that recovered about eight hours later.

Northern Intertie


Consistent flows moving into MC throughout the week, and today shouldn’t be an exception.


Enjoy the rest of your week!