We know wholesale markets (our clients reflect 80% of the traded WECC).

Your CCA knows California, especially the load area you serve.

However, the price you pay for power is driven by what happens across the whole WECC.

Ansergy offers tools to make smarter wholesale hedges

ESP ( Execution Support Products) - See into the future using our proprietary TradeRank and other products

Value hundreds of derivatives against each other using our MRI (Market Richness Index)

Determine both the optimum time to hedge as well as what to hedge


Real-Time Data Services for Real-Time traders


Monitor hundreds of variables updated every 5 minutes



Chart and visualize every real time metric

Backward & Forward-Looking  Forecasts & Data

Timely Commentary from experienced traders

Customized Solutions are for your team.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Ansergy is the only service we’ll ever use. It meets all of our market needs.

Head of Real-Time, Northwest IOU

APT is a total game changer, our margins grew 5X in the first three months.

Term Trader, Spec Shop

We use Ansergy’s 25 Year Forecasts to mark all of our exotic positions.

VP Trading, Spec Shop


From live data updated hourly to five-year forecasts updated daily. Ansergy’s solution is timely, accurate, and complete. Our Daily Market Commentary arrives pre-market and is full of the news you need.

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