Ansergy Playlists


We developed a new tool for a client who wanted to display live data on their Trade Floor big screen. The client wanted to show a different report every 15 seconds and wanted the data refreshed each time. We liked the idea and built the “Ansergy Playlist” ap; the client loved it and we think you might as well.

Playlist Features

  • Custom Report Configurations –  add as many reports as you like, these can be any reports on the Ansergy website:
    • Market Prices
    • Weather data and images
    • Real-time loads for all of WECC
    • Forecasts (loads hydro, prices)
    • TradeRank reports
    •  Fundies
      • Transmission flows and TTC
      • Hydro stream flows and energy
      • Gas nominations
  • Set Delay– pause for 5 seconds or 60 seconds, or any setting you desire.
  • Multiple Playlists – Make one for the real-time team, another for your term guys.

Screen Shot

Drop us a note if you’d like to have us make one or more for your team.

Happy New Years