ENElyst Hydro Update


Ansergy will commence a weekly Water Supply Briefing via the ENElyst chat platform this coming Tuesday. We encourage all our clients to log in and check out not only the Ansergy update but the many other timely discussions ranging from Natural Gas, Crude Oil, weather, and other mission-critical energy topics.

You will need to register, click here to get free access to the site, compliments of Ansergy and the Enelyst Team.

Our presentation will cover all things hydro starting with the latest weather forecasts and finishing with some thoughts on the markets.

Slide 1 – NOAA Precipitation Outlook

Slide 2 – NCEP Precipitation Outlook

Wet, wow!

Slide 3 – Week on Week Snow Anomalies (NRCS)

Got dryer

Slide 4 – Week on Week Snow Cover

hardly noticeable changes.

Slide 5 – Water Supply – California

Ansergy’s internal water supply forecasts made for all of the WECC rivers.

Slide 6 – Water Supply – Northwest

Includes the NWRFC’s numbers.

Slide 7 – NWRFC Apr-August Forecast (used for Flood Control)

Slide 8 – Ansergy’s forecasted Flood Drafts

Forecasted drafts at Coulee, Libby, and Arrow

Slide 9 – YTD Precip and SWE Hub-level anomalies

Slide 10 – Latest Monthly STP Energy values

Slide 11- Latest Daily STP Energy values

Slide 12- Year on Year STP Values

Slide 13- Trading Opportunities


Each week Ansergy will make its presentation on the ENElyst platform, and we encourage everyone to log in for all the shows.