STP Update

Good Morning,


The following reports reflect the energy impact of the most recent NWRFC STP.


Energy Scorecard:

  • November – Up 339 aMW
  • December – Down 39 aMW
  • January – Up 913 aMW
  • February – Down 1,011 aMW

Massive moves on the back-end of the forecast once again this week as latest update essentially wiped out the changes we saw last week.  January projected a 913 aMW increase following last week’s 413 aMW drop and February followed last week’s 902 aMW increase with a 1,011 aMW decrease.  November jumped 339 aMW, marking an increase for the second-consecutive week, while December recorded a minute change once again with just a 39 aMW difference.


November’s daily increases max out at the end of the month, particularly the 27th where we see a 650+ aMW increase week-on-week.  While December didn’t show a large change in compared to the previous forecast, the dailies tell us that’s a result of a first-half increase wiped out by a second-half decrease (the 1st shows a 600 aMW increase while the 31st shows a 350 aMW decrease…all other dates fell somewhere in between).  January and February are almost mirror images of each other with January showing increases across the board and February showing significant drops for each day.

Year on Year

February and March are looking especially bleak in the latest forecast.