STP Update

Good Morning,


The following reports reflect the energy impact of the most recent NWRFC STP.


Energy Scorecard:

  • November – Up 126 aMW
  • December – Up 2 aMW
  • January – Down 411 aMW
  • February – Up 902 aMW

November and December each recorded week-on-week increases, but neither amounted to much more than noise at 126 aMW and 2 aMW respectively.  The meat of the changes came in the back-end of the forecast where January saw its totals plummet for the second-consecutive week.  Alternatively, February nearly wiped out last week’s drop with a hefty 902 aMW increase.


As always, the devil’s in the details.  November may have shown an overall increase of just over 100 aMW, but that is after aggregating 300-400 aMW daily increases over the next ten days with 200 aMW decreases to finish out the month.  On the other hand, December stayed fairly true to its small weekly change as most days varied by less than 50 aMW.  January dropped off on the 7th and held that position through the remainder of the month.  February jumped to its increase on the 1st and carried it well into March.

Year on Year

November continues to look average while December and January stick out as outliers with paltry forecasts thus far.