Ansergy Real-Time Posts


Ansergy has added real-time chat to the online product. We will be using the Public Forum to post intra-day updates. I’d encourage you to log and review each day.

You can find the chat when you first log in – it’s in the lower right.

Click the carat to open the chat window.

A summary chat window expands in the lower right; click the Public Chatroom to open.

I recommend opening the public chat in a separate tab; click that icon to expand.


On the left will list the Ansergy Admin online – you can private message us via there.  All non-admin users will remain anonymous. If you click the Public Chat room you’ll see our most recent posts. We’ll be using this forum for the following:

  • Report updates – when we make changes we’ll note them here
  • Market updates – when we observe material events, we’ll post here
  • Admin Notices – source data missing (Path 15/26, for example) or other admin items
  • Observations – If one of us sees something interesting, or odd, we’ll do a screenshot and post; if it comes from Ansergy we’ll also add the URL.
  • Help – we’ll occasionally post info on how best to use the service.
  • Q&A – all questions will be available for all, so this acts as an FAQ. Your questions will remain anonymous.

Going Forward

There is an option to allow users to chat directly with other users and create private rooms. For now, that is disabled, but if our clients want that feature we’ll add it.