Energy Chat Platform – ENElyst

Good Morning,

I’m old friends with John Sodergren who invited me to check out his latest tool – Enelyst. This is a chat platform for Crude, Gas, Power, and Weather and is interesting.

Here’s are some screenshots:

That’s the gas channel, here’s the crude:

There is a power channel but seems Ansergy is the primary user/poster. I’ve found the site has insights into gas and crude, John has collected some players to post on it.

If you are looking for real-time market intel, I’d encourage you to check it out. Nothing I post there will be released before I send to my clients, but the gas and crude (and weather) may be useful to your companies. He sponsors a crude (Wednesday) and gas (Thursday) webinar, the gas one just started.

The best news is it is free, just register and you’re in.