Enbridge Pipeline Explosion

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Am on a flight to WSPP, heard about the Enbridge Pipeline explosion just before taking off. Thought I’d throw together a quick blog. First, the picture:

Now the Headline —-

Now the map:

That, my friends, pretty much cuts off the majority of gas flowing through Sumas. Ansergy’s Pipe Scrape product just picked up the following Nominations as of about an hour ago:

That post shows a cut of 738 MMCF at Sumas and the cut at Chehalis Compressor are in the same ratio. Here are the actual NOMS:

These numbers will update throughout the day, for now, that’s what we’re seeing. Let’s just hope Enbridge is better at Pipeline Explosion Repair than is Transwestern or Socal Gas. That outage is now in week 54.

The outage is now live on our site.

Data Table

Sumas Chart

Chehalis Chart


Now I have to add some more slides for my presentation.

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