Ansergy’s Power Map

Good Morning,

Yesterday was Columbus Day, the day we celebrate the slaughter of 20 million native Americans. We forgot it was a holiday until we noticed the NERC didn’t update the nukes and the RFC blew off the STP. Now we know.

Instead of a blog, I wanted to talk about our new map that lists all of the Ansergy Hubs, power plants, and transmission lines. I’m a map guy, and I like this one, hope you do as well. You can find the map here:


The two menu items below the Interactive are static versions; I’m going to discuss the interactive one. After selecting Interactive Map, you’re taking to this screen:

You can navigate from within this frame, but I prefer expanding. Click the icon in the upper right to expand, and you’ll get a full-screen version. Alternatively, you can change layers and zoom in and out from this view. To change the layers, click the square in the upper left; zoom is in the lower left.


Interactive Full-Screen View

Check/uncheck the boxes to the left to add/remove layers. By default, the Rivers and Thermals are selected. To view the Ansergy Hub Topology, check Hubs and Transmission:

This map displays the 16 WECC power hubs and the transmission lines interconnecting those hubs. This is the topology used in the Ansergy forecast model; the size of the line reflects the TTC.

Hydro Mapping

You can drill down to specific hydro projects and see which Hydro Group its mapped to:

Each Hydro Group has its own independent Water Supply Forecast (not the NWRFC’s, Ansergy’s) along with hourly streamflow and energy for five years. All Water Supply and Flow forecasts are updated daily. “If yesterday it dumped in the Flathead, June’s forecast puked today, and perhaps APT flagged the spread as a Buy.”

Available Layers

  • State Boundary
  • Power Hubs
  • Transmission Lines
  • Rivers
  • Power Plants
    • Hydro
    • Thermal
    • Renewables
    • Storage (Batteries and Pumped Storage)

Drop us a note if you’d like help with the map.