Water Year 2019 Activation


Ansergy has activated its 2019 water year model. We are now forecasting water supply %, stream flows, and energy for 40 WECC hydro projects. Northwest stations are matched with the NWRFC forecasts.

Our forecasts are updated every day using the most recent snow data. You can plot Ansergy vs NWRFC for any station and any forecast period. On a sidebar, we are surprised the RFC is forecasting the Salmon at 95% and the Clearwater at 108%. After all, these two rivers are next to each other and neither has more than an inch of snow anywhere.

The water supply forecasts drive Ansergy’s streamflow projections. Whereas the NWRFC release’s its 120-day STP forecast once a week, Ansergy publishes its full water year (360 days) every day, even weekends. Those flows are using in our hourly production cost model and drive new power price forecasts. If it snows in the Sierras you’ll see our NP15 June prices change the next day.

We also publish two types of snow data. Snow depth reports return inches of snow and rain along with the anomaly %.

Snow reports include 11 years of daily data (2008 through 2018).  Quickly compare today’s depth with any prior year.

Drop us a note if you’d like some custom reports or some one-on-one training.