Weekly Change Report

Good Morning,

Ansergy added a new report which summarizes weekly changes in crucial WECC fundamentals and markets. “Change” is easy to use and informative. Everything is relative, nothing more so than trading/hedging. At a glance, you can identify the key drivers, at a hub-level, that are pushing the markets around. You can also view how much the market is pushed around through our market metrics.

You can find the Change Report here: Execution Tools / Change

Ansergy reports 3 to 4 value types:

  1. Last Year – Current week, one year ago
  2. Last Week – Days 8-14
  3. This Week – Days 1-7
  4. Next Week – Days 0-6

NOTE: Only Weather has next week data; we are working on incorporating our forecast into the other Metrics.

Each week is seven days. In some metrics we break out HL and LL, others are 24 Hour averages.  Filter on the following:

  • Source – the type of data, there are eight sources
  • Hub – the location of the data, we have fourteen locations
  • Agg – the aggregation method, includes Minimum, Maximum, and Average
  • Metric – A subset of the source
  • Metric Agg – A combo of Agg and Metric, used for mixing different Agg Types in a report

You can incorporate different sources to derive custom reports. In the following example, we combined Term Markets with Spot.

At a glance, you can quickly see how the market has traded this week (last seven days) versus the prior week or last year. Note: we excluded Next Week since its moot with market data, next week hasn’t traded.

Mixing Metrics, Aggregations, and Locations

A powerful feature of Change allows blending across metrics from many locations aggregated uniquely, For example,

In this report, we pulled Peak Demand (max) and compared to average hydro, max wind and solar, and average BOM prices.

The Change Report will become our Friday blog post, replacing TradeBook. We are not disbanding TradeBook, it is still available live on the site, but we believe Change is more appropriate. Each Friday, you’ll receive our recap of the week just ended (through the previous Thursday) and any thoughts on the week to come.

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