New Weather Maps


We added a new weather mapping tool, perhaps the coolest I’ve ever seen. You can find the link under the weather menu – “DarkSky Weather Maps.”

The report maps 13 different metrics hourly:


  • Temperature Forecast and Actuals
  • Feels like Temperature
  • Precipitation Radar
  • Precipitation Forecast
  • Cloud Cover
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Speed Gusts
  • and a few others

The map looks back nine days and forwards nine days.  Use the calendar tool to select the date you want to map. You can also use the forward/backward buttons to the right of the calendar tool.

The map is hourly; you can pick a date and hour, then use the buttons to jump forward/backward in three-hour increments.

Pick an hour to start; You can also zoom in and out.

Told you it was cool. One other thing, check out those San Jose temperatures next week – approaching 100 degrees. Get ready for another roller coaster rid on the SP15 express. The last heat wave wasn’t that hot in the Bay Area; this one looks like it might exceed total ISO demand.  Oooh, Lah Lah!