Product Update – Weather Forecasts


Ansergy replaced its weather forecast reports over the weekend. The new version can be found under /Fundamentals / Weather Forecast

For now, we left the old one (Weather) on the menu but will be removing it this week.

The Weather Forecast landing page looks like this:

This report will be an hourly dump of the most recent weather forecasts, which is a blend of National Weather Service 7-day (NWS) and Accuweather 15-day. The metrics include:

  • Temp – Temperature, degrees F;  used for Demand forecasts
  • Cloud % – Cloud cover; used for Solar forecasts
  • Wind MPH – MPH; used for Wind forecasts
  • Precip – inches; used in the hydro model
  • Conditions – the text value provided by the service; not used

We include 22 cities; if there are others you’d like to add, drop us a note, we may already have them or can add if we don’t.

Note, at the top are several links to Weather Forecasts Charts. These include the following:


The above chart is a 21-day hourly temperature forecast and includes Ansergy’s 13-year min/max/average. You can view the data by clicking chart data at the top.

Temps Change

This report will show how the forecast has changed for the following periods:

  • D2  – Two days back
  • D3 – Three days back
  • D7 – One week back


This is a 7-day wind speed forecast and includes two prior forecasts.

Cloud Cover

A seven-day forecast of cloud cover, used in Ansergy’s Solar Forecast model.


21-day daily precipitation plot in inches per day.

Drop Bill or Garrett an email if you need help updating your bookmarks/dashboards to incorporate these new reports. Ansergy will update all of the Morning Briefing dashboards.

We look forward to any feedback you care to share regarding these, or any other reports/services.

Kind Regards,

Team Ansergy