Product Update – Weather Images


We’ve added to our weather image report. In the past, you could view a full year of historical weather images for a variety of different weather types, including Temperatures, Precipitation, Streamflows, and Snow. The weather image report is handy to see how the weather is changing, but the tool required a bit of work to see the current images, which are the most important ones. Ansergy has made your weather images more accessible by adding these to our main menu:

Now your favorite images are a click away, but it gets better. Wouldn’t it be nice to see all the Demand-related images on one screen, even if they are sourced from many sites?

We think so, all of our images can be saved as bookmarks and combined into dashboards.

Demand Dashboard

In this view, we combined three sources into one picture which includes the current temperature anomalies for the USA, the 500mb 4 panel, plus both the 6-10 and 8-14 day NOAA temp forecasts.


Same story with Precip; we combined three sources to provide a  complete snapshot of our current precipitation outlook. The first image is the current radar, the next is the NRCS water year precip anomaly through today, and the last two are NOAA’s 6-10 and 8-14 day precipitation forecasts.

Snow Images

The first image is the 48-hour snow forecast; the next is the current snow cover; the third is NRCS’s water year 2018 SWE anomaly through today, and the final image is from the USGS and returns current streamflow anomalies for all the USA’s rivers.

We’ll be combinging all of these images into an emailed report that will be delivered at 6:00 AM PDT; if interested in subscribing to this drop us a note.

If there are other images, you’d like us to collect, again drop us a note.

Team Ansergy

ps – speaking of weather, take a look at this shot taken a few minutes ago from my front deck: