Product Update – All WECC TTC


Ansergy added a new report to its TTC group derived from the OATI listing of all WECC changes to TTC. We’ll archive all of the updates but publish the last four business days. The source data is updated throughout the day, Ansergy will capture the last each day.

To access the report, click here   or retrieve from the menu:

/ Fundamentals / Transmission /

There are two reports in the OATI group:

Change From Previous

This report compares the most recent data with the last post from the previous date. Six change types are flagged:

  • Update – The type of change
    • End Moved Up – The end date has been accelerated
    • End Moved Back – The end date has been pushed back
    • Start Moved Up – The start date has been accelerated
    • Start Moved Back – The start date has been pushed back
    • Removed – The scheduled outage has been removed from the current date
    • New – Outage is in current scrape but not in previous day’s

Filter on the “Update” field to flag the types of changes you are interested in; in the following example only New Outages were selected for a few Balancing Authorities:

Full Detail (Last Four Dates)

We recommend viewing the Detailed report to get the full picture of the outage. From Change, click Detail at the top.

This report is a complete dump of the last four dates, all data and all fields. Many of the records are redundant, but useful for identifying the exact date and time and derate of the proposed outage.

Here is a screenshot, lots of fields, click the link above to view online:

Drop us a note if you have any questions.

Team Ansergy