Friday Gas Update

Ansergy Gas Fundamental Update


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Storage fell everywhere except SCG which increased 225,870 MCF, a 350,000 MCF increase from yesterday which saw 127,000 MCF in withdrawals.  Northern Cal fell 1,695,000 MCF, the largest decrease, and a jump of over 200,000 MCF in withdrawals compared to yesterday’s storage.

Storage Charts

SCG’s sharp drop in storage has been in play since to 20th, having declined 3,210,783 MCF.

PG&E saw withdrawals increase to 620,000 MCF yesterday, continuing the trend of withdrawals since November 25th.

Jackson Prairie storage also continues to taper off with five straight days of withdrawals, and the latest marking the steepest withdrawal since the 5th of January.



Burbank’s daily minimum temps are trending even higher as the 18th now projects a low of 59, 17 degrees above normal, and two degrees warmer than forecasted yesterday.  The 18th marks the pinnacle of lows for the month and begins a trend back toward the mean, yet no day in the next 21 is forecasted below normal.

Salt Lake City

Unlike Burbank, temps may eventually fall below normal in Salt Lake City, but it may be at least a week until that happens.  The 29th also marks lows at 17 degrees above normal (39), and should continue to see temps mostly in the 30’s through the end of the month.


In a reversal of trends, Sacramento starts off colder than normal today before eventually climbing well above average as we move into February.  The 5th currently marks the high point at 49, nine degrees above normal.


Seattle’s forecast took a small dip compared to yesterday as each of the next five days come in a couple degrees cooler.  Lows will still reach ten degrees above normal by the 28th however, and may not dip below average again until the 3rd.

Northwest Gas Fundamentals

Demand fell to 1,458 MMCF today, but is projected to rise as high as 1,643 over the next few days.  Today’s demand marks an increase of 130 MMCF week-on-week.

WECC Interior Fundamentals

Palo Verde demand fell 45 MMCF day-on-day, though it remains above last week by as much as 40 MMCF.  The intertie WIC_OPC jumped 52,421 the largest intertie increase.

Southern California

SoCal Gas Report

Total system demand fell a massive 579,037 MCF day-on-day, increasing the difference from last year to nearly 600,000 MCF.  As demand fell, storage increased by 225,870 MCF.


Needles bounced back in part yesterday, and fully returned to levels seen before last week’s fallout, currently reporting at 241,060 MCF.

SoCal Demand Charts

Today’s demand marks the highest level since December 21st.

Northern California

PGE Gas Report

On System demand fell 89,000 MCF day-on-day as Demand – Elec plummeted 90,000 MCF. Intertie – SCG (KRS) dropped out completely, falling from 106,000 to 0.

PGE Charts

Core demand has made a steady climb north since a low point on the 16th, increasing a total of 433,000 MCF, and reaching the highest level of demand since Mid-December.



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