STP Update

Good Morning,


Energy Scorecard

  • January – Up 300 aMW
  • February – Up 75 aMW
  • March – Up 340 aMW
  • April – Down 202 aMW
  • May – Up 428 aMW

Much smaller movements this week as May showed the largest increase at just 428 aMW.  January jumped another 300 aMW, marking a 3,700 aMW increase from just four weeks ago.  February leveled off, while Mark saw a less modest 340 aMW increase.  April was the only month to fall week-on-week though it came with just 202 aMW of movement.


January’s increases begin on the 23rd and run through the remainder of the month.  February continues that momentum for another week before matching last week.  March gets the majority of its separation from the 10th through the 29th, while April’s losses show up from the 3rd through the 12th.  The largest increase in May presents itself on the 5th where nearly 850 aMW was added.

Year on Year

January trails just 2015, and that gap is less than 100 aMW.  February and March pace well behind last year however, and that difference is even more pronounced in April and May.