STP Update

Good Morning,


Energy Scorecard

  • December – Up 689 aMW
  • January – Up 340 aMW
  • February – Down 474 aMW
  • March – Down 1,016 aMW
  • April – Up 1,397 aMW

December got another boost before the end of the month, adding 689 aMW and marking the third consecutive week of increases.  January got a more modest increase of 340 aMW, enough to reach its highest forecast in the past five weeks.  February dropped 474 aMW after two straight weeks of moderate additions, while March took a heavy dive, falling 1,016 aMW.  April showed the most movement of the week with a 1,397 aMW addition to the forecast.


December takes an immediate jump and rides it through the remainder of the month.  January is forecasted to carry some of that momentum over before leveling off by mid-month.  February begins dropping immediately and holds that difference for the remainder of the month.  March differs from last week beginning on the 10th and looks to lag behind until the 3rd of April.

Year on Year

January gained some ground, but still falls well short of 2014.  January and February both forecasted behind 2016 and 2014, while March and April pace ahead of all previous years.