STP Update

Good Morning,


Energy Scorecard

  • December – Up 1,659 aMW
  • January – Down 651 aMW
  • February – Up 187 aMW
  • March – Up 1,616 aMW
  • April – Up 1,457 aMW

Three massive increases and just one drop in the most recent STP update.  December added 1,659 aMW after remaining unchanged last week.  January had the only decline with a moderate 651 aMW haircut, ending a streak of two consecutive increases.  February had the smallest overall change with an additional 187 aMW.  March saw a massive jump with 1,616 aMW, bringing the month to its highest forecast yet.  April pushed above the historical average with a 1,457 aMW boost.


December makes most of its gains beginning on the 20th and should increase through the remainder of the month, essentially inverting last week’s line.  January moves from early gains to dropping below last week by the 5th and holds steady through Jan 31st.  February gets a 187 aMW increase to its Y-Intercept, while March gets rapid increases beginning on the 9th.  April shows signs of increases beginning in the middle of the month.

Year on Year

January fell further behind 2014 in the latest week, while March now forecasts higher than any previous year.  April is just 14 aMW shy of 2014, and from claiming the top year as well.