STP Update

Good Morning,


Energy Scorecard

  • December – Up 21 aMW
  • January – Up 1,032 aMW
  • February – Up 884 aMW
  • March – Up 164 aMW
  • April – Down 436 aMW

January steps up with the biggest movement of the week by adding 1,032 aMW, pushing its forecast to the highest level in at least five weeks.  February also showed a large increase with 884 aMW, marking the most movement since adding 880 aMW three weeks ago.  December was again practically unchanged, while March added a modest 164 aMW.  April’s second week of forecast amounted to a drop of 436 aMW.


Early December gains were washed out by a drop at the end of the month, ultimately equating to an aggregate increase of 21 aMW.  January shot up at the beginning of the month and maintained the gain ultimately through February.  March made several negligible moves early on, but extended enough by the third week to push the month ahead as an aggregate.  April had sharp declines in the days that were forecasted for each week.

Year on Year

January sits just 48 aMW short of 2014 and the highest year of the past five.  February’s increase brought the month nearly at par with 2014 and 2016.  March is just 6 aMW behind 2016.