STP Update

Good Morning,


Energy Scorecard

  • December – Up 44 aMW
  • January – Up 395 aMW
  • February – Down 259 aMW
  • March – Up 644 aMW

December held its ground by adding 44 aMW after three consecutive weeks with increasing forecasts, bringing the total to 11,630.  January reversed last week’s changes by adding 395 aMW, bringing its totals to the highest in the previous five weeks.  February gave away a quarter of last week’s additions with a cut of 259 aMW.  March jumped 644 aMW, doubling the gains from the previous three weeks combined.


December didn’t get much movement in the aggregate, but the daily chart shows the first half of the month increased 600-700 aMW, but was followed by two weeks of decreases.  January saw the largest addition on the 8th with an extra 700 aMW.  February dropped close to 250 aMW immediately and held that position for the remainder of the month.  March began with a modest increase and saw that gap widen as the month progressed.

Year on Year

December remains behind 2014’s forecast though it inched closer to 2016.  January, on the other hand, jumped ahead of 2016, but still fell short of 2014.  February ultimately held its position, while March saw 2014 take over as well.