STP Update

Good Morning,


Energy Scorecard

  • October – Down 566 aMW
  • November – Down 1,125 aMW
  • December – Up 70 aMW
  • January – Down 642 aMW
  • February – Down 1,124 aMW

Huge cuts to STP in all months not named December.  The forecast started off with a 566 reduction to what remains of October, and continued cuts well into November which fell 1,125 aMW.  December managed to do slightly more than hold pace, while January and February mirrored Oct-Nov in their reduced forecasts.


Reductions to October were most pronounced at the end of the month where the 30th is projected 820 aMW lower than last week.  November took the heaviest hit to its forecast in the first half of the month, though the last two weeks still came in more than 650 aMW behind the previous forecast.  December pulled ahead by the second week and added as much as 750 aMW during the third.  January fell behind immediately and held pace through the entirety of the forecast.

Year on Year

January remained as the only month pacing ahead of the previous four years, while December joined as the only other month to finish ahead of at least one year (2015 in this case).  November is forecasted to fall more than 1,000 aMW from the closest year (2015).