Product Update – ICE Chat

Good Morning,

As you all know, AOL is going to the wayside. That was the best news we’ve heard since the announcement of a new and shinier iPhone. AIM was arguably the worst chat platform ever invented; I recall using it back when me and Al Gore invented the internet in the 60s.

Now we are switching to ICE Chat and are quite excited about its features, including the “BLAST” option. As a few of you may know, we post to chat intra-day when something strikes our eye. For example, what struck us in the gut today was the 8.6% of rain heading towards Seattle over the next ten days … 4.6″ in a single day!

But back to ICE Chat. If you would like to receive these ICE Blasts (they are random, when we see something of interest, usually after we’ve blogged), send us your ICE Chat username, and we’ll add you to the list.

In addition to real-time fundamentals, we also will be posting comments on APT, Trade Rank, and market opportunities. If you want to see these critical updates, send us your ICE username.