STP Update

Good Evening,


Energy Scorecard

  • September – Up 1,010 aMW
  • October – Up 498 aMW
  • November – Up 42 aMW
  • December – Up 75 aMW

Another massive increase for September as more than 1,000 aMW was added to the forecast.  October saw half of that thrown into its forecast as well, while November and December had bumps, but not much more than nothing.


September got most of its increase from today through the 17th, but the remainder of the mains stayed well north of last week’s forecast as well.  October shifted a few hundred aMW above the previous forecast, and maintained that level through all days generally without much variance.  November and December were basically carbon copies of last week.

Year on Year

September now sits 1,800 aMW above the next closest year (2013), while each of the following months lag well behind, though October managed to make up a small bit of ground week-on-week.