STP Update

Good Afternoon,


Energy Scorecard

  • August – Up 435 aMW
  • September – Down 126 aMW
  • October – Down 600 aMW
  • November – Down 645 aMW

August showed a decent increase while each successive month had a larger decrease to the forecast, especially as we move into the new water year.  October’s generous 600 aMW cut was outdone by the draw from November (-645 aMW).


August gained a chunk of this week’s increase during the 8th through the 12th where up to 600 aMW was added on the 9th, but the largest gains came at the tail-end of the month where most days added 700+ aMW.  September had slight changes to most days aside from the 1st thru the 3rd which had the most noticeable reductions.  October and November decreases were evenly distributed throughout each respective month, with most days reduced by 600-700 aMW.

Year on Year

August gained a little ground but still falls well short of every year going back to 2013.  Despite the large cuts in this week’s update, October is still forecasting ahead of all observed years, while November forecasts above all but 2013.