STP Update

Good Afternoon,


Energy Scorecard

  • June – Down 969 aMW
  • July – Down 563 aMW
  • August – Down 107 aMW
  • Sept – Down 272 aMW
  • Oct – Down 231 aMW

Cuts across the board this week as June leads the way with a 969 aMW reduction followed by July’s 563 aMW cut.  August was basically noise, though the 107 aMW drop was enough that it now sits at its lowest point in four weeks and is the only month to fall below the historical average.


Most of the change in the daily forecasts is showing up in June through Mid-July, especially as we move toward the weekend where the 23rd, for example, is forecasting 1,121 aMW less than last week.  After July, the daily difference is negligible, but as an aggregate is enough to show up in the monthly charts.

Year on Year


Decreases to July and August were enough to push them below 2014 for the first time in weeks.  June is still holding strong with more than 800 aMW above 2014.