STP Update

Good Afternoon,

The NWRFC isn’t giving us anything dramatic today, but here are our noted changes.


Energy Scorecard

  • June – Up 313 aMW
  • July – Up 24 aMW
  • August – Down 260 aMW
  • Sept – Down 449 aMW
  • Oct – Down 454 aMW

June got another increase, and while again nothing dramatic, it remains above any other the previous three forecasts.  July is up by a hair, but from there we see decreases through October with each month dropping further from last week.  Despite the recent declines, every month is forecasting well above the historical average.


The daily chart illustrates how little this week’s forecast has changed as Current and W1 are mostly identical.  There is separation (~1,200 aMW) beginning on June 19th that lasts for around four days, another increase at the beginning of July, but from there we don’t see significant changes until Mid-August.

Year on Year

June and July increased their forecasted jump on each of the past four years, but we saw the gap between 2017 and 2014 shrink in the latter months, especially in August where the difference is around just 400 aMW.