STP Update

Good Afternoon,

The NWRFC is adding more water to the forecast, let’s take a look at the details.


Energy Scorecard

  • June – Up 288 aMW
  • July – up 774 aMW
  • August – up 933 aMW
  • Sept – up 684 aMW

We didn’t get a massive 1800 aMW increase like we saw in last week’s July update, but there were increases across the board, especially in August which is now higher than it’s been in any of the previous four forecasts.  With another increase to July, it’s now up nearly 2600 aMW from two weeks ago.


The largest differences in daily come in mainly on the second and fourth week of July, and during the tail-end of August.  The gap between current and the 5 year average continues to increase.

Year on Year


Add in the new increases to the summer months and now we’re seeing 2017 forecasting above each of the past four water years, especially in June where 2017 is now being called at around 2200 aMW higher.