STP Update

Good Evening,

RFC released this week’s updated data a little later than normal, but no worries as Ansergy is on top of it.  The following is our take on this week’s STP.


Energy Scorecard

  • May – Down 91 aMW
  • June – Up 381 aMW
  • July – Up 429 aMW
  • August – Up 117 aMW
  • September – Down 235 aMW


Mid-May is about 200 aMW lower than last week, but that difference slowly tapers off until June 17th where the gap grows in the opposite direction.  By the 21st of June, the difference is as large as 856 aMW.

Here’s a closer look at the Mid-June through July week-over-week changes.  The Mid-June increase was noted above, but July 5th is actually 1,129 aMW higher, and July 21st is as high as 1,000 aMW (higher than last week).

Year vs. Year

Still a big water year, this is reflected by a slightly larger June in the Year vs. Year chart.