STP Update

Good Evening,

The RFC has updated their 120 day forecast, here is our take:


Energy Scorecard

  • April – Mostly sideways with a drop of just 46 aMW
  • May – Basically sideways like April, though a little more movement with a total decrease of 121 aMW
  • June – A bit more action as it’s up 654 aMW
  • July – Huge jump this week — up 2,153 aMW


As noted in the scorecard, almost all the change in this week’s forecast is playing out in June and July (especially).  The daily graph gives a good visualization of this change in forecast.  We thought last week was way too low at the time of its release, and the new forecast seems to agree.

Year on Year

2017 continues to stand on its own, especially moving into the summer.