Tuesday Update

Good Afternoon,

Here are a few highlights of what’s going on in the West.


EIM Daily

1Mid-morning prices are up considerably over yesterday, and are highlighted by 8:40 AM high of 138.  Prices earlier in the morning were mixed.

2Yesterday reached a high of 1000 at 4:50 PM, and was followed by two smaller spikes (372, 174 at 6:40 PM and 9:45 PM respectively).  The rest of the day averaged close to 25.

Nat Gas Summary

3Decent sized increases across all hubs.  SoCal Citygate showed the largest jump with an increase of $0.31 over yesterday.


SP15 Loads

4Loads are down close to 20% week-over-week.  The difference in load between 2015 and 2016 had all but disappeared over the last week following the difference of 33% on Oct 11.

NP Loads

6Very similar story with NP loads, though the year-over-year difference disappeared a day earlier than SP.  Week-over-week loads were around 1000 MW less yesterday.

Mid-C Loads

7Mid-C continues to show higher loads this year compared to 2015.  Week-over-week totals are largely the same.


Burbank Temps


Burbank will see 18 degrees above normal temps by Thursday, and should carry some of the heat through the rest of the weekend.  If the forecast holds true, it will be the second hottest temp on record for Oct-20 (98 in 2003 holds the record).

Portland Precipitation

9Another system will be moving into the northwest for the next couple days.  While it shouldn’t be anything like the storm last week, we’re still projecting over a half-inch of rain tomorrow.


NW River Forecast

10River forecasts have been scaled back a bit compared to just three days ago, as well as compared to yesterday’s STP report.

Gas Reports


Nodal Power Summary (by Plant)

11Quite a bit of gas movement in Mid-C.  Both Coyote Springs plats have seen their MCF drop to nearly 0 in the past week.  On the opposite side of the coin, Hermiston Generating Plant increased its MCF roughly 23,000.


Major Unit Outages

12Several changes in plant outages from yesterday including 460 MW of gas in NP, 110 MW of gas in SP, and 600 MW of Nuke in ZP.

Nuclear Status

13As mentioned above, Diablo 1 is down 600MW, while PV3 remains offline (last at 100% on Oct-03).

Mid-C Renewable Generation


Last week’s storm created several spikes in wind generation, including a high of 4284 on the 14th.  While we aren’t expecting another massive storm this week, wind generation is forecasting fairly consistent MW for the foreseeable future.


Transmission – MC-NP

14TTC remains reduced for the seventh consecutive day.  Flow has been starting to slightly decline over the past two days, on average.

Transmission – MidC to BC

15We’re seeing fairly mixed flow patterns over the past week following almost exclusive MCtoBC flow for the week prior.  MCtoBC peaked at 1234 early Sunday morning (2:00 AM).


Hope everyone has a great week,