Ansergy Product Enhancements

New Summary Reports

See the current values and the change from recent periods quickly with navigation to charts readily available. This has also led to less complex menus and few clicks to find the data you want.

Forecast Summary briefly summarizes changes in the forecast over the last month with links to charts.priceforecastsummary

Fundamentals Summary summarizes key fundamentals by comparing the current values with last week’s and assigning a bearish, neutral, or bullish sentiment to each. The chart nets all sentiments to derive a hub-level sentiment.fundyssummary

STP Slice and Historical Avg

All of the STP forecast reports now include 5 year averages for better historical context.  Also, now you can choose to look at the STP for BPA Slice projects as a subset of the total STP number.

STP Daily Slice Only


Roadmap Ahead

We are working on a number of improvements including:

  • better market prices with more consistent forward curves
  • additional backcasts
  • improved charting controls

Please send us any ideas you may have regarding the product at [email protected]