STP Update – Minor Changes

Good Afternoon,

The NWRFC has updated their weekly flow forecasts (STP) this afternoon.  Not anything in these numbers that will raise your pulse but still worthy of a brief discussion, beginning with the daily plot:


Consistency seems to the appropriate description of this chart – the water boys are steady and locked into their predictions and not willing to vary, though they did shed a small amount of water out of October:



and they put that small drop of water into November, as they have of late, though I struggle to see why.   Perhaps looking at year on year may shed some light:


But alas, no light is shed.  November 2015 is now projected to have more water than either 2014 or 2012, noticeably more robust water years.  Same is true for December, marked now as the biggest flows in the last four years.  I don’t buy it, but apparently the market does, as it has beaten down Mid-C like the ugly red-headed step child that it is.

These new values will be reflected in tomorrow’s forecast.