Product Update – Sep 17


We at Ansergy believe in continuous improvement and are constantly seeking better ways to display our data/forecasts. As we make these changes we will update our users in the blog. This week we made several changes which are itemized below. We encourage our clients to submit suggestions of their own.

Changes Effective Sep 17

  • WECC Totals added to Dispatch Forecasts. Each of the three forecast types (hourly, daily, and monthly) have been aggregated into “WECC”. Most items are summed (Demand, Hydro, Gas Burn, etc); some are load-weighted averages (Power Price, Heat Rate, Reserve Margins) and transmission is aggregated by taking the Max Value which will reflect the loading from the sending hub’s perspective.


  • Nuclear Status Report. This report shows the daily NRC status for the last 90 days; the existing NRC report displays the Ansergy refuel forecast for the next two years.


  • ICE Settle Backcast Reports. We have included two reports: Daily and Monthly. The daily compares the Ansergy daily forecast across time against the ICE settle for that day. The monthly compares both the Forward Market price and the Ansergy Forecast price to the average of the ICE settle for that month.



  • Actual Loads. Puget Area Loads (from BPA Oasis) has been added to the Current Loads report; we will be adding three more later this week: Pac East; Pac West; and Nevada Power


  • Utility-Level Forecasts. We are now publishing hourly load, hydro, and wind forecasts by control area. The data can be viewed as absolutes or as changes from today and can be useful for identifying which utilities are getting longer/shorter; in a fashion these reports act as dynamic L&R summaries. Later this week we will be adding two more reports to this group: Daily and Monthly L&Rs.