STP Update – Sep 8

NWRFC STP Update – Sep 8, 2015

September 8, 2015


The following plot is a summary of the most recent STP forecast as compared to the previous four weeks:STP_Monthly

The plot is notable for its lack of notability … the forecast is stable, hallelujah.    However, there always must be a however if you wish to keep the reader’s attention, the daily’s tell a tale that actually is notably notable:STP_Daily

Notice the rally (albeit small) in BOM which bodes poorly for the length, but perhaps this is just the acknowledgement that loads will be a bit higher and BPA will draft into those incremental loads – that is what I think.  Another notable is the abandonment of the random oscillations in BOM – what were they thinking?  Last point to make is the material hair cut in early Nov – we liked the Nov even with the upsurge in water – of course we like it even more post the shave.

The daily data is live on the site, we are working on adding our monthly report.  Tomorrow I will publish the price impact of these latest NWRFC shenanigans.